Corporate Advisory & Taxation Consultancy in Dehradun.




RNS & Associates has a professional that helps in structuring and redefining businesses and enterprises through a highly coordinated global tax network offering leadership in all tax disciplines. We deal with the tax categories of business, indirect, international, transaction and related segments into trade, capital and compliance as per the domestic and international laws in our personal domain.

With increasing industrialization and new global partnerships, the tax regime is changing continuously. RNS & Associates offers comprehensive services to deal with tax structures such as IND AS, SFT, Indirect transfers, GAAR and their challenges.

Our Tax Services are as under-

  • Designing an entry strategy from the tax and regulatory perspective.
  • Tax planning for corporate demerger, amalgamation, restructuring, divestures, slump sale and other significant corporate happenings.
  • Offering assistance to avail benefits relief, exemptions, deductions and rebates for minimizing tax incidence.
  • Seeking legal opinions on procedures of the Direct Tax Law.
  • Advisory on withholding the tax obligations related to payments and corrective measures under Direct Tax statutes.
  • Representing clients before the taxing officials. It is to cover all appeals as well as proceedings in front of the assessing officer, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, CIT Appeals, Dispute Resolution Panel, Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) and Settlement Commission.
  • Conducting tax audits in accordance with the Indian Income Tax laws.
  • Preparing for and reviewing the corporate tax returns complying to the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Monthly compilation of TDS from the timely deposits, client records and filing of the quarterly e-TDS returns.
  • Individual tax planning, compilation along with returns filing for tax.
  • Advancing tax calculations as well as deposits on a quarterly basis, especially the deposit of regular assessments tax and self-assessment tax, etc.
  • In obtaining PAN or TAN.