At RNS, we understand that tax compliance and corporate advisory are critical aspects of running a successful business. Our team of experienced professionals provides a comprehensive range of services in corporate law matters, including tax compliance, representation, litigation, pre-transaction advisory, and tax risk assessment.

We believe that tax services are not just about reducing taxes but also about achieving tax efficiency while minimizing risks. As tax regulations are constantly changing, it’s essential for organizations, from middle-market to multinationals, to have specialist advice and services to manage their tax obligations.

Our team has the expertise to assist large corporate groups in complicated transactions and unusual structures. We offer specialized tax rules that relate specifically to corporations and corporate groups, and our services are tailored to contribute value to the company’s overall strategy as an integral part of the business.

Our wide range of services Include:
1. Formation of company in India, viz, Private Limited, Public Limited, wholly owned subsidiary company, LLP etc.
2. All matters related to Registrar of Companies & Company Law Board
3. Project finance assistance and feasibility reports
4. Corporate tax planning and return filings
5. Business and Share valuation
6. Maintenance & compliance of Statutory Records, MCA filings
7. Merger & acquisitions
8. Corporate restructurings
9. Representations before Company law board and tribunals