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About Us

RNS Associates (RNS) has been devoted to delivering exceptional service to its clientele since its establishment in 1989. Evolving over the years, the firm has expanded its services and expertise to emerge as a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary practice, adept at offering customized business solutions to clients spanning diverse industries. RNS’s steadfast dedication to quality service has been instrumental in fostering trust and nurturing enduring partnerships with its clients.

Our Vision

"Pioneering innovation. Exceeding expectations."

Our vision at RNS is to stand out as the most esteemed and esteemed full-service, multi-disciplinary practice firm within our industry, renowned for our exceptional solutions tailored to our clients needs. We aim to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients, grounded in our unwavering commitment to excellence and personalized attention. Regardless of our size or reach, we strive to lead our industry, admired and respected for our innovative strategies and unwavering dedication to delivering remarkable outcomes.

Our Mission

"Your prosperity is our paramount concern."

At RNS, our mission is to furnish tailored business solutions distinguished by unparalleled quality and personalized care. We endeavour to assist our clients in realizing their objectives and forging enduring partnerships while leaving a positive imprint on our communities.

Our Services

How can we help our clients


RNS helps in structuring cross border transactions of tangibles, intangibles and services and inbound and outbound investments for achieving high tax efficiency and minimize the tax risks on an overall basis.


RNS helps businesses elevate their audit processes beyond traditional financial reporting. We integrate in-depth business understanding with regulatory expertise to pinpoint critical risks and opportunities. From navigating IND AS to IFRS complexities, our comprehensive services support clients in achieving their objectives while managing risks effectively. Our commitment extends to keeping clients informed about accounting and regulatory updates throughout the year, empowering them to gain deeper insights into their business operations.

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RNS is the regional leader in corporate tax, including tax compliance, representation, litigation, pre-transaction advisory and tax risk assessment. RNS views tax services not as tax reduction exercise but as a strategy to obtain tax efficiency


RNS provides comprehensive GST services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With a deep understanding of GST regulations and compliance requirements, we offer efficient solutions to help businesses navigate the complexities of GST implementation, filing, and compliance. Our expert team ensures accurate GST returns and timely submissions, enabling businesses to streamline their GST processes and minimize the risk of penalties. Whether it's GST registration, return filing, or compliance advisory, RNS is committed to delivering reliable and effective GST services to support the growth and success of our clients.